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Address:23052H Alicia Pkwy 349Mission Viejo CA 92692 DRIER Our cleaning process uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning, so carpets dry within hours, not days This means you and your family can get back to enjoying : your home sooner See a full comparison of Chem-Dry vs Steam Cleaning to see all of the benefits of choosing Bay Breeze Chem-Dry carpet cleaners cashohwl420986 blogdanica com 11509886 cleaning-your-couch-upholstery , When you steam clean carpet, you saturate it with an excessive amount of water filled with soaps and detergents This results in carpets that remain wet for 1-2 days, which creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria Plus, the soapy residue left behind by carpet steam cleaners attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty much faster The lab found that Chem-Dry carpet cleaner removes an average of 98 1% of common household allergens from the carpets and upholstery we clean* The common allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite matter With Chem-Dry of Johnson Jackson carpet cleaning services in Kansas City MO, you can breathe easier about the healthfulness of your home for your family oriental rug washingWe specialize in cleaning Oriental rugs, handmade rugs and wool rugs in our rug cleaning plant Support@bobsorientalrugs com Our high-tech rug cleaning process consists of 4 steps dusting, washing, rinsing and drying in a climate-controlled flefacile fr community profile jeannine7820929 , environment When we can properly clean your rug, we guarantee the rug will be free of karastar-vr com index php community profile ruebenbobadilla , pet odor These fine rugs need a professional hand to clean them in order to maintain the integrity of the craftsmanship while removing dirt and stains Cleaning fine hand woven rugs and carpets as a whole is often termed Oriental Rug Cleaning, Persian products are certainly this way please understand that there are differences in the methods used to clean some antique from China and say Persian Oriental Rug Cleaning be it crafted from pure silk or a wool silk masterpiece blend If a mat – carpet cleaner does not recognize these differences the results will be less than desired Perhaps even ruining your investment well beyond repair clean green carpet cleaningExtract Green carpet cleaning methods do not use dangerous chemicals Rather, the cleansers are hypo-allergenic and safe for people and pets There are no harmful fumes and the dirt and cleaning solution can be extracted quickly and thoroughly, which prevents saturation and voyager temp domains ~fre2cre8 forum profile boydghe09893043 , allows for very quick drying times Please contact us for a free quote or any www heritageplantationgolfcourse com community profile maryannchristia further questions/information Truck-mounted machines depend on the trucks engine for power, and that means lots of harmful emissions spewing into the environment


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