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Mission Opportunity for You!

Faith and Crew (Eric, Maya and Mia Long) have safely returned to the United States. We feel extremely thankful and blessed for the opportunity God has giving us.

Our first sailing experience to The Bahamas is more than we could‘ve even imagined! We even had the amazing opportunity to meet missionaries from other countries as well as local missionaries during Man-O-War “Mission Conference Week”, this is a small island in the Abaco, Bahamas.

We were able to learn about their ministry before they left the island and after talking to The Swings, a family of missionaries who serves in Marsh Harbour and Long Island, we felt the need to help in their wonderful ministry in one way or another.

As you remember or in case you didn’t know, last year we sold everything we had and left San Antonio, Texas as we felt the desire to serve The Lord. We bought a new home, a sail boat! But unfortunately two weeks before moving in, hurricane Irma sank the boat in the British Virgin Islands. “No Drama”, the name of the boat, was a 38' 2010 Leopard Catamaran.

Long story short, a few months later, God gave us a boat with the beautiful name of Faith. Faith is a 35' 1997 Dean Catamaran.

God is making this adventure and journey so incredibly and unbelievably amazing!

We know that nothing is a coincidence, this is God’s opportunity for us to help and we are so excited!

But the truth is friends and dear family, we can not do it without your help.

So we ask you if you’d like to be part of a mission opportunity that benefits students of Marsh Harbour?

200 backpacks and supplies are needed for underprivileged students of Abaco Central High.

The Swings Ministry and partners want to make sure that every student on the island have the necessary tools for their school year, and this is where we all can help!

In addition to the school supplies, a Bible will be added to their backpack for the first time!

Each student will have their own BIBLE!

Isn’t that wonderful news?

Is this something you’d love to be part of?

Thanks to a generous donation, we already transported inside Faith 400 bibles to some of the islands in The Bahamas including Mash Harbor, but more bibles are needed. How awesome is that!

We will be buying all the supplies in the United States as it is 80% less than in The Bahamas.

Eric will sail back July 27th and will be bringing the supplies to Marsh Harbour.

Because of the limited time we kindly ask to make your donations as soon as possible so we can buy as much as we can before departure. 100% of your donations will be used for this project and the process will be posted in our social media platforms and website.

The Swings Ministry and their partners work together to fulfill this project successfully each year and we know this year will be no exception!

On behalf of Soul Sailors and The Swings Ministry we thank you for taking the opportunity either as an individual, a family or a business to be part of this mission.

And we want to personally thank you for your prayers of protection for our family as we continue this new sailing life.

An estimate of $8000 is needed for this project.

You can make your donations using Pay Pal ( or please contact us

Any donation to reach our goal is amazingly appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless!



The Soul Sailors

Eric, Maya and Mia Long.

Pay Pal donation link:



INSTAGRAM: @sailingfaith

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