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Faith Season 2

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit." John 3:8

It feels so new to follow the Wind.

It is difficult to describe all the wonders of our world that our family has witnessed and the beauty of humanity that we have experienced in our first sailing season aboard Faith. With my wife Maya and our daughter Mia I have left the world of entrepreneurial business startups and management behind me to follow a calling in our hearts. The heartbreak and challenges to getting here have been submerged by unexpected waves of adventure, beauty, and gratitude. The Abaco Islands have truly been a spectacular introduction to cruising in Faith.

But before I tell you about our plans for Season 2, here’s what happened in Season 1. To us, it feels epic.

After No Drama, the sailing catamaran on which we had a firm deposit, sank in the storms of September 2017, we were in flux for a few months. We scoured every piece of the lengthy Florida coastline in our 26’’ RV for a replacement boat as we waited for God’s timing and provision. We discovered many wonderful new people, places, and churches along the way. When, over time, we grew more practical (and less patient) and made plans to open a Florida furniture store to ride out the uncertainty and better manage and steward our limited resources, God decisively altered our best laid plans with a little boat called Faith that He had clearly provided for us to suddenly sail away from it all. We were excited, and still, we approached it with some trepidation. But we are learning that God is faithful. He is teaching us to follow as He directs and guides us through opportunity, circumstance, and the desires He puts in our hearts when we delight in Him. We are on the Wind now, to parts unknown, to work with people unknown that He has prepared, so we can accomplish what He has planned.

This last season we have worshiped and served with brothers and sisters in Christ in five different churches on five different islands so far. What an experience it has been! The preaching and the worship have a refreshing and authentic Christian spirit; Islanders who know Christ have welcomed us. God’s Spirit is alive and working in Abaco.

We learned that missionaries can follow many different paths into the mission field and we certainly recognized our own unique path. We also realized that we might have some hurdles getting involved in projects early. With that in mind, we resolved to do whatever we could to act in a helpful ways no matter the situation. We also decided to continue the legacy of Faith begun by her previous missionary-owner and brought 400 Bibles along with us. That seemed an obvious way to be prepared to share the Gospel. It was fun right from the start. When the boxes of Bibles arrived at the marina in Fort Myers, we were immediately able to answer questions about our mission with the other cruisers we had already met there. The ideas and support, even from non-believers, was strong. Folks just liked to see others giving their time and resources to the needs of people. They enthusiastically joined in to encourage us.

On arrival in the Bahamas, Customs was also glad to hear of our cargo. The attending officer asked me, “So you are a man of God?” I paused. When I hear that phrase I automatically think of David, or Paul, or Peter and John; pretty much anyone but me. However, I answered yes, with a feeling of conviction and humility. A great and encouraging conversation between Christian brothers resulted. What an unexpected blessing.

We discovered the Abaco Islands are inhabited by some of the finest, hard-working, kind, and gentle-spirited people we have ever met. Each island is a bit different than the last, but cruisers are always welcome. We found we were able to leave our Bibles in cafes, hotels, boutiques and shops, churches, book sharing places and more. We quickly ran out! When we went back to visit the places we had left Bibles, they would be gone. We saw people in churches we visited later using the Bibles we had left behind. A feeling of grace covered us to realize that God had used our first tentative, awkward, and unskilled season of travel to accomplish His plans to bring His Word to His people.

Now it’s Season 2.

We will sail from Ft Lauderdale back to Abaco the last week of October. There are so many people we are anxious to see again. Going back to the churches we visited and finding new ones to encourage and support will be a pleasure. This trip will be longer. Instead of a four month long trial run we will be sailing the entire non-hurricane season of November 2018 thru June 2019. Eight full months of sailing and learning. We have been in touch with six new organizations on four new islands that could use our help. We are ready!


We will bring 2,000 Bibles to distribute to the Abacos, Eluthera, Exumas, Cat Island, and Long Island. This will be a much larger project with many more stops and firm commitments. But just as God has called us through His Word, we intend to live by faith while on Faith. He is in control. He engineers our circumstances. When we take delight in Him He gives us the desires of our hearts and so we plan to follow wherever He leads by His Spirit so that He can reveal His glory through us however He wills. There can be no greater joy than that.

We invite your prayers for our journey and would also be pleased if you would like joining us in our mission by participating in the raising of funds to support Season 2. We are an efficient operation. We will purchase 2,000 Bibles, fuel and provisions for the approximately 1,000 mile round trip cruise which totals $3,500. Every dollar given will be spent bringing the Gospel to the Bahamas Out Islands.

Some of you, our Faithful supporters, have expressed interested in joining us aboard Faith during Season 2. Welcome! Your presence aboard Faith will be an encouragement to us and can be a great help with our projects. We still have some openings available in Season 2 so message us to coordinate your dates. It will be our pleasure to introduce you to sailing on Faith and to our humble mission in the islands.

Dry side up,

Cap’n E and Crew

Ways to donate:

Venmo- @SoulSailors

Mail Address- 411 Walnut Street #12951, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

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