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School Supply Drive!

Back to School.

Back to the Bahamas.

We have another mission trip planned to bring a BOAT LOAD of school supplies to the children in Abaco.

These kids need the supplies badly.

Many of the children attending public schools in the Bahamas are Haitian immigrants with very little. They live in tightly arranged housing made of left over construction materials they are able to salvage. Two such areas in the town of Marsh Harbour are Peas and The Mudd. Its an upgrade from the conditions in their home country, but still far below anything resembling the poverty level.

Education is the prime mover In helping the next generation. The kids need to be able to study and perform the tasks the schools demand. Sadly, because of their family’s poverty and prospects they cannot.

This is our chance to make a huge difference THIS YEAR in the lives of over 200 of these kids. Join us in our annual fund raising to buy and sail supplies to the kids in Abaco.

Here’s how you can help:

Donate to our fund which goes 100% to purchasing supplies at the very low prices we get here in the US.

We will load them on our faithful sailboat and sail it all over to Abaco in August in time to stuff the backpacks.

It’s a great project with instant payoff.

Our goal of $3,000 is ambitious. It will fully fund the supply drive and make sure each student gets what they need for their studies in upcoming school year.

Join us and donate. Every donation large and small gets us closer.

Sincerely,The Soul Sailors

Eric, Maya and Mia Long.

Pay Pal donation link:



INSTAGRAM: @sailingfaith

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